TagFaster Automatic tagsSheep Ear Tags- TagFaster Automatic

Tagfaster automatic sheep ear tags for ewes and lambs from QuickTag for use through an automatic tagging applicator gun but can be used through a manual applicator if required. Available as single visual slaughter tags or electronic slaughter tags as well as pairs for breeding animals.

Quick tag TagFaster sheep tagsColours Available: Green, Blue, & Orange

Yellow =electronic tags

For use through an automatic tag applicator or manual tag applicator. Supplied in strips of 20.

The individual animal numbers on breeding sheep tags will follow on consecutively from your last sheep tag order. If you have never ordered sheep tags before then they will start at 1.

TagFaster EID Slaughter Sheep Tags (20s)
TagFaster EID Slaughter Sheep Tags (20's)
Official UK Single slaughter sheep tags- ELECTRONIC. TagFaster AUTOMATIC EID slaughter tags are for lambs INTENDED FOR SLAUGHTER WITHIN 12 MONTHS OF AGE.

£17.00 + VAT
Strip of 20

TagFaster EID+Visual Breeding Sheep Tags (10 Pairs)
TagFaster EID+Visual Breeding Sheep Tags (10 Pairs)
Official UK breeding sheep tags- EID+VISUAL. TagFaster AUTOMATIC breeding sheep tags are for animals kept for breeding or that will reach over 12 months of age..

20 Tags

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