Just for Pigs

This page is designed specifically just for pigs so if you are looking for wormer for pigs, feed for pigs, markers for pigs, supplements for pigs or ear tags for pigs you should find it all available here to buy online!

There are becoming more and more back yard keepers of pigs and it can be difficult to find products just for pigs. This pages allows you to view and buy a wide range of pig products.

Remember even if you keep just 1 pig as a pet, you still need to be registered with DEFRA. Some of our pig medicines require and Herd and Holding (CPH) Numbers in order to purchase them. These will be issued to you by DEFRA once you have registered.

Wormers for Pigs

pig wormers

Injectable and in-feed pig wormers. As an alternative you can try verm-x for pigs, this is a herbal products designed to naturally control internal parasites of pigs.

Lice & Mite Control for Pigs

Noromectin injection

Most injectable wormers control against lice and mange in pigs, however you can use a louse powder as an alternative to injection.


Ear Tags for Pigs

pig tags

Pigs must be identifed with your herd mark (supplied by DEFRA) by either Slap marking or ear tagging. Find out more about pig identification.You can buy pig plastic and metal pig tags here.


Supplements for Pigs

pig vitamins

Choose from a small range of pig supplements including pig iron, pig oil, anti-chew liquid and vitamins for pigs.

Feed for Pigs

pig feed

Sow and weaner nuts or rolls and pig grower pellets available.

Markers for Pigs

pig markers

Slap markers, marker sprays, marking stick and inks available for pigs.

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