Pig Tags

Buy Pig tags online- choose from metal pig tags for pigs going to slaughter. Pigs can also be slap marked but tagging is the most popular.

Whether you keep one pig as a pet or have a commercial herd you must comply with certain requirements regarding their identification and movement recording. Pigs can either be tagged or slap marked, tagging being the most popular. Find out more about pig identification and movement.

PLEASE NOTE: Metal pig tags can take up to a week, please make sure you order them in plenty of time.

Metal Pig Tags- COX (10s)
Metal Pig Tags- COX (10's)
These metal pig tags will be printed with your pig herd number. Suitable for pigs going to slaughter and breeding pigs.

£15.00 + VAT
Strip of 10

Tag Marking Pen
Tag Marking Pen
All-weather BLACK plastic tag marker. For long lasting visibility.

£4.99 + VAT

Metal Tag Applicator- metal pig tags
Metal Tag Applicator- metal pig tags
Tag applicator for COX QwikSilver Pig Tags

£14.00 + VAT

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