pigPig Wormers

We stock a small range of wormers for pigs including Flubenvet and panacur. We also have Verm-X the very popular natural wormer for pigs.

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Most pig wormers are in-feed and include Flubenvet, Panacur 

Ivermectin is available in an injectable format which will treat mange as well as internal parasites.

We stock most of these wormers but please ask our advice on which product which will be most suitable for your farm or smallholding.

Always read the instructions before use. For more information please call us.

Important - Veterinary Medicine Regulations 2005
If your order contains a POM-VPS medicine you may receive a telephone call so that we can confirm the order. Please ensure we have your contact details, a mobile telephone number is always helpful. We reserve the right not to supply any medicine at our own discretion.

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