Pre-Tupping Mineral Buckets

These pre-tupping mineral buckets will provide energy, vitamins and minerals required to improve fertility in ewes.

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What it contains:

High phosphorus and high energy improves ovulation rates and fertility. All buckets caontain salmon oil- a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids.

How much to feed

Introduce from at least 2 weeks pre-tupping and 4 weeks after. Feed 1 x 20kg bucket per 20-30 sheep per week.


Benefits from flushing ewes

  • Improved nutritional preparation pre-tupping for ewes and rams at a time when pasture quality is declining in digestibility and dry matter
  • Increase lambing percentage by reducing barren ewes and increasing the proportion of twins over singles
  • Shorten the lambing spread for easier management and feeding of ewes and marketing of lambs.

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