Replica Sheep Tags

Replica sheep tags are for ewes and lambs that have lost either one or all their tags and you want to replace the missing tag/s with an identical replica of what was lost.

How to order replica tags.......

Step 1) Choose the tag/s you want to replace- You can replace the pair of lost tags; EID & Visual (if you know what the numbers should be) or you can replace the EID tag or the Visual tag separately. Prices will be different depending on selection.

Step 2) Choose the tag type- (this usually depends on the tag type that's been lost or you can use another tag type based on what you usually buy but remember you will need to have the correct applicator to apply it). See the manufacturer and the tag type in the drop down list.  

Step 3) Choose the colour- Remember the EID tag HAS to be yellow so choose yellow for EID only or you can choose the colour (apart from yellow) if you are just replacing the visual tag. If you are replacing both tags just choose the colour you want the visual tag to be.  

Step 4) Tag details- Fill in the tag details. This needs to be the UK number AND the animal number (example UK123456/0159).

Step 5) Extra Info- If you have any management information or pedigree information on the tags this can be filled in the extra informations box. Please note: this can only be printed on the Visual tag. If no information is required please leave blank or type none.

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