Rodenticides- Rat Poison

Rodents are an ever increasing problem and a responsible programme of control should be in place all year round. To assist in this, we stock all the major types of poisons in various forms. We also have bait stations and traps. For controling rabbits and moles in outdoor burrows we sell talunex and phostoxin gas pellets.

PLEASE NOTE: Rat poisons and gas tablets are only available to professional users where a certificate of competence is provided. A poisons register must also be signed therefore these products are only available in store.

Jaguar blox


Whole wheat with either bromadiolone or difenacoum as an active. This is available in 3 and 10 kg tubs, or the very popular 20kg sack. It is also available in bait bags in a 6kg tub.

Wax blocks are increasingly popular as they are weather proof and very effective. However, they should be used in conjunction with a baiting station so the rodents cannot remove them, but also to protect them from other wildlife. This is especially important when using the brodifacoum type of block such as Jaguar. These are lethal and are for indoor use only. We have tomcat and Jaguar blocks available now!

Pasta based bait is fairly new and is more palatable than some other baits. It is also resistant to mould growth and remains palatable for some time. Pasta bait and Paste are available in 5 kg tubs. This is an excellent way of baiting and is proving very effective. For indoor use ONLY.

Pellets are also available.


Phostoxin / Talunex

These products contain aluminium phosphide which turns into phosphine gas when it comes in to contact with moisture and air. They are used for the control of moles and rabbits on agricultural land.

To purchase these poisons customers must be trained in their safe handling and use. The poisons register must also be completed and signed by the purchaser. Both Phostoxin and Talunex must be applied using the correct applicator. These can be purchased from ourselves.

Rat trap


We also have rat and mouse bait stations and a selection of traps for all rodents and other vermin.


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