Roto-Corona Plus Calf Syringe

Roto-Corona Plus Calf Syringe enhances the new born calf's defences against the challenges of life. Roto-Corona Plus for CALVES contains colostrum, high levels of egg proteins, antibodies, pre and probiotics, energy, vitamins & minerals to enhance the new born and transported calf's defences against infection.

A unique combination of ingredients to;

- Provide and promote friendly bacteria and fight bad ones.
- Establish and stabilize a neutral gut microflora.
- Prevent colonisation.

Administer entire syringe within first eight hours of life. Peace of mind from day one. Each dose contains high levels of specific antibodies against Bovine Rotavirus, E-Coli, Salmonella and Coronavirus.


Box contains 3 x syringes

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