Covexin 8

Covexin 8 is an 8 in 1, Clostridial vaccine for sheep and cattle. For Lamb Dysentery, Struck, Pulpy Kidney, Braxy, Blackleg, Tetanus, Black Disease, Clostridium haemolyticum.

Covexin 8

Dose rate in sheep over 8 weeks: First dose 5ml and subsequent doses 2ml. The primary course of two injections should have a 6 week interval. Booster vaccination is required at 6 monthly intervals for continuous protection but where there is no period of risk in winter annual booster vaccination is all that is necessary.

Lambs 2-8 weeks of age: from unvaccinated ewes or ewes of unknown vaccination status 2ml initial dose followed by a second dose 4-6 weeks later with a further dose no later than 6 months after the first dose.

Cattle of all ages: First dose 5ml, subsequent doses 5ml. The primary course of immunisation consists of two injections, allowing an interval of six weeks between them.

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